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Won-Ton Bog Bowl Won-Ton Bog Bowl 2
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Dinner time is an important time for our furry friends.  But dinner time can also mean mess time too.
 And where there’s mess there’s often unseen little nasties in the form of bacteria or infections waiting to strike. We all know it can be difficult keeping the eating area of our pets clean and up to the standard of the the rest of the decor that’s why...
Beasty Toys Beasty Toys 2
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Beasty Toys

What are Beasty Toys?   Beasty Toys are dog toys in the form of chewing bones with a squeaky ball in the center. They provide excellent entertainment for both young puppies and adult dogs of virtually any breed. The pet can bite and feed them at will, and if necessary, can also use them as a cuddly toy. Beasty Toys are available in two color variants -...
Sleepy head Sleepy head 2
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Dog beds

Sleepy head

What is Sleepy Head?  Sleepy Head is a dog bed in the form of a soft and comfortable mattress that can be placed in any corner of the house and, if necessary, also taken with you when traveling. Our four-legged friends love Sleepy Head beds because: thanks to them they have their own angle; they are an oasis for them, especially in a noisy home; cosy...
Farmhouse Pet Bed Farmhouse Pet Bed 2
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What is a Farmhouse Bed?   Farmhouse dog beds are a part of the dog's useful equipment in every home, as they are the perfect combination of a sleeping place with a cosy shelter. Thanks to their functional structure, Farmhouse beds provide our dogs with the necessary comfort of rest, both physically and mentally, because they serve as a safe oasis where...
Molly’s Heaven Pet Bed for Dogs Molly’s Heaven Pet Bed for Dogs 2
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What is Molly's Heaven Pet Bed For Dogs?   Molly's Heaven Pet Bed For Dogs are soft and cosy dog beds in the form of a comfortable cushion filled with silicone balls and covered with a scratch-resistant upholstery fabric. They were inspired by a popular pillow that people use, designed for maximum comfort and style in the home space. Like the cushions for...

What dog furniture can you find in our offer?

Our store has a wide selection of various accessories and furniture for dogs created especially for the comfort and well-being of our four-legged friends. You will find among them:

  • soft and cosy beds (Sleepy Head, Majesty Pet Bed, Molly’s Heaven Pet Bed, Farmhouse);
  • stylish transport bags (Amigo);
  • inventive and engaging toys (Beasty Toys).

They are very popular both among dog owners who care about the satisfaction of their pets, as well as among the dogs themselves, which - although often picky - cannot pass by squeaking bone-shaped toys or the royal bedding covered with soft, plush fur. Our large selection gives you the opportunity to choose accessories and furniture for the individual needs of a particular animal, which further increases the comfort of use. Your pet will really appreciate this gift.


What makes our dog furniture stand out?

Dog owners looking for the perfect furniture for their pet often face a difficult choice: appearance or functionality? What is more important? We believe that both of these issues are equally important, which is why our dog furniture combines a modern, stylish look and high functionality in a universal way. Due to the fact that they stand out in terms of aesthetics, they are a decoration for the house instead of just cluttering up the place like most typical elements of a dog's possessions. However, the fact that they are extremely practical means that they meet all the needs of a pet, and additionally facilitate the life of its owner, at least because keeping them clean does not cause any problems. The big advantage of our dog furniture are also the raw materials used for their production, because we focus on certified materials, free of environmentally unfriendly elements and potentially harmful chemical ingredients. Ecological considerations are of great importance to us, because we care about the fate of our planet, as well as the fate of our smaller brothers and sisters, animals. It is also worth noting that all the furniture and accessories we offer are created by hand by talented and highly qualified craftsmen, which is the best possible guarantee of quality.


What to look for when choosing furniture for a dog?

Above all when choosing furniture for a dog, you should take into account the two most important criteria: the quality of the furniture and the pet's preferences. High quality workmanship and certified materials used for production translate into safety of use, so we won't have to worry about the health of our pet. In turn, the dog's preferences are very important if you want to provide them with maximum comfort and convenience. We can also take into account our own preferences by choosing the color of the furniture so that it matches the interior design of the apartment. In our store, most of the dog furniture is available in different sizes and different color versions, which makes it much easier to match them to specific interior arrangements.

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