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Climbing steps

What are the stairs on the wall for?


Stairs on the wall are a perfect proposition for cats that like challenges, climbing and fun at height. Mounted on the wall in the living room or in any room, they will be great entertainment for a cat, allowing it to climb, jump, balance and sharpen its claws. This will enable them to develop natural skills and satisfy innate instincts in the home space, and at the same time pull them away from the furniture which used to serve these purposes. Such stairs on the wall work both as an independent structure and as part of a larger whole. For example, they can be mounted near a shelf that serves as a lookout and sleeping place for the cat, making it easier for them to get to it. In this way, with a few simple elements, we will create a real playground for our pet.


What are the perfect stairs for the wall?


The stairs on the wall are intended to be used for active play, so they should be durable. Their construction, both the frame and their fastenings, must be solid enough to withstand not only the weight of the animal, but also the additional loads that it will generate, for example during jumps. It is also worth paying attention to the materials used, because the stairs on the wall also serve as a scratching post - the cat will often stick claws in it, so it should allow it a good grip and not be easily destroyed. The ideal stairs for the wall should therefore be:

• durable and solid, providing sufficient strength for an active adult cat;

• made of good quality materials that guarantee durability against cat's nails;

• comfortable, allowing a firm grip, which minimizes the risk of falls.


Of course, the stairs available in our store meet all of the above requirements - they are manufactured using the best quality materials and materials that allow intensive and safe usage for a long time. The base is a palisade made of pine, while the sisal with which we wrap it is made of hard and durable fibers of South American agave. We use up to 13 meters of sisal string for one step - it is very compact, so even used intensively, it will not loosen, which is the case with cheap scratchers. Each step is created manually, without the use of machines, and with great care.


Are the stairs on the wall a good choice for your cat?


Stairs on the wall are a great gift idea for every cat full of vigor and prone to mischief. They will be especially appreciated by young kittens, who need a lot of entertainment to make use of the almost unlimited reserves of energy hidden in them, although older cats will certainly gladly use the stairs to play from time to time. After all, all cats, regardless of age and upbringing, have the instincts of a predator, which arouses their need for exploration. And the stairs on the wall help to meet this need. It is worth buying such stairs to complete the set with a shelf - thanks to them, it will be easier for the cat to climb on it, and in addition we will create in this way the so-called vertical space to relax and have fun. The famous American cat behaviorist, Jackson Galaxy, coined the term "Catification", which means adapting the home space to the specific needs of cats, so important from the point of view of their mental health and general well-being. Our shelves and stairs for cats fit into this idea perfectly.

  • Climbing steps


    Our COSY AND DOZY® sisal climbing steps are a great addition to our CHILL and CHILL Deluxe shelves. They can be used like scratching posts. You can also install them between perches and create a catwalk or a network of posts your kitty will surely love as his/her natural climbing and scratching tendencies come to life.