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Climbing steps

Climbing steps

Our COSY AND DOZY® sisal climbing steps are a great addition to our CHILL and CHILL Deluxe shelves. They can be used like scratching posts. You can also install them between perches and create a catwalk or a network of posts your kitty will surely love as his/her natural climbing and scratching tendencies come to life.

What are the stairs for the wall for?

Stairs for the wall are an element of cat's equipment that will create a lot of fun especially for young and energetic kitties who need interesting challenges. Steps placed at differing heights will allow them to climb, jump and balance on the edge, and thus - they will provide great entertainment and allow them to develop their natural instincts. Such cat stairs can be an independent construction, but they can also be an element incorporated into a larger whole, as they will work, for example, as an excellent addition to the shelf Chill and Chill DeLuxe.


How are our stairs for the wall made?

Our cat stairs are made of high quality, durable and safe materials. Their main structure is a roller made of solid pine, around which sisal, a very hard and durable fiber from the South American agave, is wound. Each stage is hand-made with the utmost care, without the use of machines, thanks to which it gives a perfect finish. Installation is simple and does not require assembly - the customer receives the product immediately ready to hang, the fixing pin is included. We sell each step separately.


What are the advantages of our wall stairs?

Our stairs for the wall have many advantages, first of all:

  • they are solidly made (thus guaranteeing high durability and long life);
  • have very stable steps (ensuring the safety of animals during play);
  • they allow a firm grip (which helps climbing cats and minimizes the risk of falls);
  • allow a large load capacity (maximum load is 30 kg).

The advantage of our stairs to the wall is also their unique, elegant design matching both modern apartments and those furnished in a more classic style. Their light appearance will add charm to any interior.

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