Cat shelves

Why is it worth buying cat shelves?

Cat shelves are original, wall-mounted beds, combining functionality with comfort. On the one hand, they allow cats to rest comfortably, they are an oasis of calm for them, where they can lie quietly and not disturbed by anyone. On the other hand, due to their location, they pose a challenge for cats, which only makes them more attractive in their eyes. As you know, cats by nature have a weakness for high places - that's why they love to climb trees, which are great observation points for them, and allow them to play and sharpen their claws. In the home space, they often lack this, so they use furniture as an alternative to trees. In this situation, shelves for a cat are an ideal solution as they allow the cat to satisfy its natural instincts, thereby supporting its development and at the same time protecting furniture in the house from damage.


What are the biggest advantages of our cat shelves?

The cat shelves offered in our store have been designed specifically for the comfort of these furry animals, therefore they perfectly meet their needs. The solid, yet lightweight design allows for safe, long-term use, while the equipment, with a mattress which is soft and pleasant to the touch, also provides the necessary comfort. Other advantages of our cat shelves are:

  • ergonomic shapes
  • stylish design
  • durable fasteners
  • high load capacity
  • easy assembly
  • lifetime warranty on the wood.

It is also worth mentioning that each of the shelves is made of the highest quality beech plywood, a very durable construction material. The wood used for its production is FSC certified - it means that it was obtained from a responsible source which cares for the protection of forest resources. In addition, cat shelves are available in our store in various sizes, shapes and colors, which allows you to choose a bed that perfectly matches your specific interior arrangement.


How to choose the right shelf for a cat?

When choosing the right shelf for a cat, you should first of all take into account the size and weight of your pet, both the current one and the one that it will become when it grows up. Thanks to this, the cat will easily fit on the shelf and you will not have to replace it later with a larger model - in this way you will save yourself unnecessary trouble and investment in another piece of furniture. It is also worth choosing the color carefully so that it matches the room where you intend to mount the shelf, as well as the cushion with which you want to combine it. Due to the fact that in our store you can choose from a wide range of shades of both wood and mattresses, it will be easy to compose and adapt to any type of interior. For example, MAPLE is ideally suited to IKEA style interiors, WALNUT has been introduced with a view to more classic designs, while WENGE is a proposal for modern arrangements. Let's remember that cat shelves are not only functional beds, which make our pets enjoy their homes more. They can also be an authentic designer accessory that gives the interior an original character - provided, of course, that they are properly selected.

CHILL cat shelf CHILL cat shelf 2
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Cat shelves

CHILL cat shelf

Stylish and comfortable for cats, the CHILL shelf has been designed by experts and cat lovers with the well-being of cats and owners in mind. For a cat, a soft pillow, an oval shape of the shelf and stability will be important.
CHILL DeLuxe cat shelf CHILL DeLuxe cat shelf 2
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Stylish and comfortable for cats, the CHILL DeLuxe shelf has been designed by experts and cat lovers with the well-being of cats and owners in mind. For a cat, a soft pillow, an oval shape of the shelf and stability will be important.
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