Is it worth buying cat cushions?

Cats, as we know, spend a lot of time sleeping. The older they are, the more they sleep. Adult cats can sometimes sleep almost all day. And although it might seem that they do not need special mattresses, as they can sleep almost anywhere even on the hardest surface and in the strangest positions, surely a comfortable cushion will come in handy. Such a soft and cosy bed will guarantee our pet maximum comfortable rest that will allow them to regenerate effectively. Cats will be able to lie on it without limitations, as well as calm down and rest during illness or after a stressful situation, such as a visit to the vet.


Where to put the cat cushions?

Our cat cushions were created for the wall shelves available in our store, so we made sure that:

  • they fit perfectly in shape;
  • they perfectly matched their size;
  • were fitted with press studs to attach to this furniture.

Such shelves for the wall are a sufficient attraction for the cat due to their difficult to access location, which satisfies the cat's instinct as a conqueror and provides the cat with an interesting viewing perspective, but thanks to the soft and cosy cushion, however, they are additionally encouraged to relax and nap. We should remember that the mattress placed at such height must be well stabilized so that it does not move when the cat tries to jump on it - thanks to this we will be sure that our pet will not get hurt. That is why our cushions and shelves have been equipped with special latches that enable solid joining onto both elements. This will not allow the pillow to slide off the furniture, so the animal will not be in danger of falling from height.


What cat cushions should you choose?

When choosing cat cushions, we should remember that they must first of all correspond to the preferences of our pet. The materials used for production are certainly important. It is worth paying attention to what kind of fabric your kitty likes most, and which one they like to lie on. Size is also important, especially if you are going to buy a cushion to fit with a shelf for the wall. The size must also be adapted to the size of the cat enabling them to easily spread into any position. Cat cushions available in our store have different sizes, as well as different color versions – every kind under the sun. Each of them is sewn with the greatest care and using the best materials that guarantee comfort and long durability. Your cat will definitely fall in love with them!

Cushion Chill Cushion Chill 2
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Cushion Chill

What is Cushion Chill? Chill is a soft and pleasant to the touch cat cushion ideal for wall shelves from the Chill series. Due to the fact that they have the right size and snap fastening, they guarantee comfortable rest at height and the necessary stability. Let's remember that our furry pets, like people, like to have their own corner, their own space...
Cushion Chill DeLuxe Cushion Chill DeLuxe 2
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What is cushion Chill DeLuxe? Chill DeLuxe are cat cushions that act as mattresses for the shelves in the Chill DeLuxe series. The steel latches, on which both these elements are fitted, enable solid attachment of the cushion to the shelf and its stabilization, so that it will not slide or slip when the cat jumps on it. Chill DeLuxe cushion provides not...
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