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Cat house

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Here at Cosy and Dozy we are always looking to shake things up and we think The Cosy and Dozy Chill box does just that! Introducing one of the stars of the Cosy and Dozy family of products, The Chill Box. Winner of the RED DOT design award 2016. The Cosy and Dozy Chill box is a multi functional designer cat house which can also be used as a mobile...
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Your cat will always have a safe space to go and relax and play with Cosy and Dozy's new super comfortable cat insert made for IKEA Kallax & Expedit.  No need for you to compromise on space or the decor of your home anymore, and if you have more than one feline you can have your own block of cats.  HOLYCUBE is hand made in Poland from durable felt...

Does a cat need a house?

Cats love open, spacious places that gives them lots and lots of freedom, but sometimes they also need a closed, limited space that will allow them to isolate themselves from their surroundings, calm down and fall into a peaceful sleep. Therefore, it happens that these animals are looking for hiding places in unusual places such as wardrobes, drawers or boxes, sometimes they can even be found in a washing machine or a laundry basket - they have the right amount of privacy there, they feel warm, cosy and safe. In response to the specific needs of our pets, we give you cat houses. It is a kind of a built-up lair, reminiscent of a house, in which a cat can feel at home. They can hide there when they need a moment to themselves, to relax after playing, or when they sleep. Such a booth provides them with a perfect shelter and comfort when resting.


What are the advantages of our cat houses?

The cat houses available in our offer meet all the requirements that owners of these furry animals can set for them - above all they are made of good quality raw materials, ensuring long durability, and equipped with additional, extremely functional elements: a comfortable handle and a replaceable door. Thanks to the handle that allows for easy transportation and to the four different types of doors attached to the set, the house can serve not only as a stationary lair, but also as a cat carrier (when you want to transport a pet, just close the house by installing the full wall). A bed suitable for moving from place to place allows for trouble-free transport of a pet, which is a great convenience for both the owner and the cat, which will help the cat better endure a visit to the vet or a trip on holiday - which is well worth remembering. Importantly, our house can be used not only to transport cats, but also other animals of low weight, for example, small dogs, hedgehogs, hamsters, guinea pigs or birds.


How else do our cat houses stand out?

Our cat houses are not only characterized by high quality and mobility. Among other similar products available on the market, they are also distinguished by the fact that they are:

  • ecological (produced without the use of chemicals);
  • biodegradable (FSC certified);
  • ergonomic (light, breathable design).

An additional plus is the ease of installation - assembling the house yourself does not pose any problems, because it boils down to just a few steps, does not require the use of specialized tools and takes literally a moment. This is not all that our cat houses can boast. Their great advantage is also their unique design, which means that in addition to their utility function, they can also play a decorative role by becoming an interior decoration. As a result, our cat houses have gained popularity in many countries, and have also been recognized by national and global design experts, who have repeatedly awarded them with prestigious awards, including the innovation prize and groundbreaking design in the most renowned international Red Dot Award design competition.

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