Kabou Kabou 2
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 What is Kabou? Kabou is a universal, multifunctional piece of furniture created in cooperation with the renowned German company Cat-On, which can be used as a cat tree, a lounger and a place to play. Its curved, wavy shape provides comfort in a variety of positions, and the cardboard structure encourages scratching, which gives cats the opportunity to...
Feline Feline 2
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What is Feline? FELINE is a multifunctional, elegant and stylish piece of furniture created by the German company Cat-On especially for COSY AND DOZY®. Its original, minimalist design attracts the attention of both cats and their owners, because the unusual combination of a modern look and multiple practical applications makes it a universal piece of...
Singha Singha 2
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A comfortable lounger and an intriguing scratching post in one. This is Singha - every cat's dream. Its unique shape will ensure your cat a peaceful night's sleep while fitting perfectly into any interior. Singha has been designed so that the cat resting on it feels comfortable in the most varied positions.

What are cat scratchers used for?

Each cat has a natural scratching reflex. In this way, they not only sharpen the claws, but also mark their terrain, train their paw muscles and release tension. Unfortunately, the victims of this type of catty desire are often furniture, especially chairs, cabinets and sofas, and sometimes also doors and door frames. If we want to protect the equipment of our apartment against destruction, it is worth investing in special cat scratchers that will give your pet the opportunity to meet its natural needs without harming the furniture. Cat scratchers are durable and durable enough to allow them to blow off steam. Of course, it is worth starting to teach a cat how to use a cat tree as soon as possible, because young kittens develop habits much faster than adult males. The older the cat, the more difficult it will be to discourage them from scratching their favorite furniture and convincing them to become interested in the cat tree.


Which cat tree will be perfect for your cat?

On the one hand, a cat is a predator, on the other hand - lazy. Therefore, the best choice for them will be scratchers in the form of a lair, which have a dual function: they provide a comfortable place to sleep and encourage scratching. Cat scratchers of this kind will allow them to indulge in all their favorite activities: sleeping, playing and grinding claws. It is a perfect solution for both active, unruly animals that need the right direction of instincts, as well as those calmer, withdrawn ones, who prefer to spend time on naps. When choosing the right cat scratcher, it is also worth adjusting their size to the size of the pet so that it can easily fit to them, meaning comfortable sleeping positions and allowing them to have fun.


Why choose our cat scratchers?

Our cat scratchers were created in cooperation with the renowned German company Cat-On, known for producing the highest quality cardboard scratchers, thanks to which we can boast about having the best quality on the Polish market. Each of our models have been created manually using biodegradable, chemical-free raw materials, and thus is harmless to the environment. We support this kind of ecological solutions not only for the good of our planet, but also for the health of our pets. So you don't have to worry about your cat having an allergic reaction or any irritation - this is not possible because the scratchers offered in our store are completely safe to use. Their other advantages are:

  • high quality
  • high durability
  • original design

An additional benefit of our scratchers is their two-sidedness - they can be turned upside down, which will extend their service life. Thanks to this, your cat will be able to enjoy their favorite cat tree and den for twice as long!

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