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Farmhouse Dog Bed

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Which dogs are Farmhouse Beds suitable for?


The Farmhouse Bed measures 40 x 40 cm, so it will be ideal for small-sized dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers, Ratlers and Pugs. Dogs who prefer built-up spaces, often look for hiding places and will eagerly lie in boxes, and they will appreciate them the most. The Farmhouse Bed is a much more comfortable alternative to other resting places, as it is made of pleasant-to-the-touch materials (felt and wool). The doggy will be able to hide in it, relax and sleep well.


What are the benefits of a Farmhouse Bed?


Farmhouse dog beds are manufactured in Poland, and their entire production process is based on experienced, manual craftsmanship, which guarantees the highest quality of workmanship. This, in turn creates lasting durability, so you can be sure that such a bedding will serve your pet for a long time. Other advantages of these beds include:

  • plasticity (it does not deform, it can be modeled by freely forming wounds);
  • easy to clean (machine washable);
  • light construction, and thus also mobile and convenient (it is perfect for the car when we are going on a trip with our pooch, and we can also take them with us when we go to a restaurant);
  • unique aesthetics (eye-pleasing design).

From the pet's point of view, the biggest advantage of a Farmhouse bed will certainly be its comfort. Soft, pleasant to the touch materials will keep them wrapped up on all sides and make him feel well-groomed and loved.