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Catwalk Play


Our CATWALK PLAY is designed with all your cat's natural needs in mind. Climbing, jumping, exploring and finally resting - all cats love to do this and it goes with their instincts. And when they live indoors and can't run and jump in trees, they don't have to miss anything at all!

CATWALK PLAY is a hanging play and rest area designed to keep your cat entertained for hours. It consists of a tunnel, which is a fantastic hiding place, and a hammock created for relaxing when your cat needs a moment's rest before the next game.


The listed CATWALK PLAY set includes the following:

  • Wooden Base with pre-installed metal bracket (ready to hang)
  • Tunnel
  • Hammock + two wooden bars
  • Fixings

The shelf is mounted vertically. The metal brackets are designed so that you can easily rotate the set 180 degrees and place the tunnel and hammock in the most convenient way for you and your cat - on both sides of the rack.

What is the most important feature of our shelves? Each of them can be in the same colours and materials, if you need it - you can create a set of several cat shelves that will look like a set. And if you wish to have each shelf different - we have such a selection of fabrics that you certainly won't run out of combinations!

Choose your favourite fabric and create your own unique vertical space so your cat can play and you can enhance your home decor with our 'cat' design. The wooden elements have a lifetime guarantee with us!

Kit ready to hang - just two holes in the wall.

Pins included 


CATWALK BASE dimensions: Length - 68 cm (27 inches)
☆ Depth - 18.5 inches  (47 cm)
☆ Suspension - pre-installed metal bracket 
☆ Ready to hang
☆ Frame fixings included
☆ Wood - beech plywood 
 TUNNEL dimensions:
☆Dimateter - 28 cm (11 inches)
☆Length - 30 cm (12 inches)
HAMOCK dimensions:
☆Length - 50 cm (20 inches)
☆Width - 28 cm (11 inches)