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Starfish - Beasty Toys

Starfish is one of the offerings available in the Beasty Toys cat toy collection. The Beasty Toys range includes plush cat toys (mascots) for independent play: rat, kitten, sea animals, as well as exclusive cat accessories in the form of fishing rods (a stick with a string ending in a handmade felt mouse with catnip) for shared play. We write about the benefits of play (or, more precisely, the need for it) in the text below. Beasty Toys are designed to serve the health of both energetic, eager-to-move cats who feel the need to fulfil the 'movement tasks' dictated by their natural instinct, but also the slightly less mobile older or calmer cats. The toys are there for this, and we have it proven on many pets that our toys give this motivation of much needed movement for their health.

Beasty Toys are handmade in our own COSY AND DOZY workshop.