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Kitty Head - Beasty Toys

The Beasty Toys cat is a worthy representative of cat toys. Other toys include: a rat, a kitten, a starfish or a seahorse. These cat toys were developed for those cats that like or need to play, that is, to channel their innate instincts from their life in the trees of the rainforest. The Beasty Toys cat will come in handy when the cat is bored, when it's sneaking our socks, when it's a little overweight and needs to be stretched. A soft mascot, the perfect size and weight, smelling so insanely of catnip... There's no way your cat won't want to throw himself at it!

Beasty Toys are handmade in the COSY AND DOZY manufactory.

They are filled with ecological buckwheat and catnip.

The quoted price is for one toy.