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Kabou Scratcher

Kabou is a universal, multifunctional piece of furniture created in cooperation with the renowned German company Cat-On, which can be used as a cat tree, a lounger and a place to play. Its curved, wavy shape provides comfort in a variety of positions, and the cardboard structure encourages scratching, which gives cats the opportunity to satisfy their natural instincts. They can laze around for long hours on this bed, and during breaks from naps, exercise their muscles, relieve stress and sharpen their claws without affecting other furniture in the house, such as chairs or sofas.

What is the Kabou scratching post made of?


The material from which the Kabou cat scratchers are constructed is cardboard made of biodegradable raw materials, containing no unnecessary chemicals, and therefore it’s safe for the environment. The production process  of the scratching post itself is not automated. In short, it consists of the manual processing of cardboard, joining the subsequent layers and gluing them together - furniture made using this technique is extremely durable. This ensures the scratching post has a long life, which can be extended by turning it over when one side is worn out - as it is double-sided.


What are the advantages of the Kabou scratching post?


Kabou cat scratchers are characterized by their high-quality workmanship, and because their production, at all stages, is supervised by an experienced person responsible for the careful finishing of every detail. This approach to production makes our scratchers unique in every respect. Their other advantages include:

  • ergonomic shape (ensuring the cat rests comfortably while in any position);
  • large size (accommodates both smaller and larger cats of different breeds);
  • designer look (adding additional charm to the interior design).

However, the Kabou's greatest advantage is its versatility, allowing you to limit the number of cat equipment and accessories you have at home. A scratcher, a lair and a place to play all rolled into one - your cat will surely be  ver the moon with such a gift!


Scratchers' dimensions:

  • Height   18 cm / 7 inches
  • Width     28 cm / 11 inches
  • Lenght   50 cm / 20 inches
  • Weight   2,5 kg / 5,5 lb