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Feline Scratcher

FELINE is a multifunctional, elegant and stylish piece of furniture created by the German company Cat-On especially for COSY AND DOZY®. Its original, minimalist design attracts the attention of both cats and their owners, because the unusual combination of a modern look and multiple practical applications makes it a universal piece of furniture. On the one hand, it can be used as a cat scratcher, sometimes also used by our cats for fun and relaxation, on the other hand, it works as an interesting and unique home decoration.


How is the Feline scratching post made?


Feline cat scratchers are made of multi-layer, high-grammage corrugated cardboard. Each piece is made by hand by gradually combining subsequent layers of material, which ultimately gives it its exceptional strength - you will be surprised how much weight the Feline can bear and how long it can last. As the cardboard we use for production is made of biodegradable raw materials, without the use of any chemicals, our cat scratchers can boast that they are 100% environmentally friendly.


What makes the Feline scratcher so special?


Feline cat scratchers stand out on the market primarily because of their multifunctionality, because, unlike other scratchers, they are used not only for sharpening claws, but also for playing and sleeping. Among their other advantages, we can mention:

  • ergonomic (its properly curved shape allows the cat to rest in convenient positions);
  • double-sided (when the scratcher wears out over time, you can just turn it over and use it for twice as long).

FELINE also means perfect workmanship, quality, durability and unique design. If you are looking for the perfect scratching post for your pet, this one will be the best choice. Give your cat a Feline and enjoy the beautiful furniture!