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➡️ Nie kupuj kota! Kupuj dla kota

➡️ Nie kupuj kota! Kupuj dla kota

What exactly do we have in mind? 

That it’s worth adopting a cat.

We are the proud parents of two cats that we took in to our home - Molly and Ricky. 

That’s them looking at you in the picture.

They are the apple of our eye! Because of those guys the idea for our company Cosy and Dozy was born. They inspire us to create new designs and they are always eager to test new prototypes.

► For us their approval is key. At the end of the day our products are made specifically with furry friends in mind. So it our products need to be safe and hygienic and most of all a comfy place to snooze.

Believe that non thoroughbred cats love just the same.

➡ If you want to adopt a new furry friend then it’s important you visit “Stawiamy na łapy” or in English the “Back on your feet” foundation, a foundation we work closely with!